1. Pick a Pattern

Art-a-Ride is about giving wheelchair users the opportunity to have their chairs styled-up to fit their fashion style.

  • Picking a textile pattern and requesting it be applied to the chair (arm resters, back and wheel – similar to the one in the art-a-ride main image)
  • Picking accessories to add charm to the chair, maybe crochet back and arm rest covers, and have the base of the chair hand painted with their favorite “hue”

Transforming a wheelchair is easy: 1. Pick a Pattern and 2. Find an Artist!



Above are sample patterns – people can simply choose a pattern or preferred color and request to have it implemented. And why not re-style every year, or every 6 months?

The concept is simple: COLOR & FASHION ACCESSORIES to style-up a ride! Users should be able to change the base color of the wheelchair they use, and also accessorize it with nice crochet covers and other textile items that can add to the day’s fitting options.

We gave the AAR010 Camouflage gray design to artist Carolumart and he created the wheelchair shown in the Art-a-Ride page, for 14 y.o. Benja.

Art-a-Ride was created with children in mind, yet it benefits ALL users. It’s a mix between product design, interior design and fashion design. Are you up for this challenge?  We sure hope so! If you need ideas, please contact us!