3. Help Spread the Word

Please help us make a difference for the millions of children, youngsters and adults around the world (over 2.8 million in the U.S., approximately 5 million in Europe, an overall 1% of the global population is either bound to a wheel chair or needs a wheelchair, view statistics).

How can you help? 

  • Sharing this page to users of wheelchairs so they can reach out to their friends and community to help style-up their chairs (Facebook works here!). Users need Artists and Makers who love challenges and want to participate in this ride-revolution 😉
  • Sharing this page with Artists and Makers so they offer their creative services to users or organizations and associations that can reach out to users, offering them this personalization concept. This can help bring revenue, and happiness!
  • Leading an Art-a-Ride program in your community – we suggest you gather a few volunteers to help you reach out to art schools and programs, institutions and associations and encourage them create programs and initiatives that involve creating wheelchair experiences for the people in the community bound to wheelchairs. Awards, art-showings, creative art projects, and many more. Need help? Please contact us.
  • Organizing an Art-a-Ride challenge in your school – we would like schools, colleges and universities to join in the transformation by designing workshops, design challenges and other activities engaging students to design new wheelchair experiences.
  • Helping us spread the word to your local media – the media have the power to reach many with just one article. The more people we reach, the more users that will soon benefit from having chairs that can dress up every day to fit their style!
  • Sharing a wheelchair story, by sending images and videos through your social networks. It’s all about planting the seed.

Please contact me (Eva de Lera, edelera@gmail.com) if you think I can help you move your ideas forward. For me, it’s about contributing to our wider community.