2. Find an Artist near you!

Do you have a daughter, son, nephew, friend, neighbor or someone near you using boring-to-them wheelchairs? If so, finding someone to style the chair up is easier that you think!

Get the most value out from your social media channels, or those of your friends and family. All you need to do is to post a message on FaceBook, for example, requesting the help of a maker, creative person or artist, to stamp a selected “style pattern” into your kid’s or friend’s chair.

You can do so in a bike-shop, garage, or similar craft-friendly place. Just do it! And the user will be grateful to have the chair integrate, finally, with their style, their color preferences, etc.



Art-a-Ride was created by Eva de Lera, as a way to contribute to the transformation of wheelchairs, to move from hospital-looking chairs into stylish mobile personalised rides that fit in the person’s life and style preferences.

The goal is to integrate the chair into the person’s home, bedroom and overall lifestyle. Just like we pick sofa patterns, bed textiles, curtains, dresses, shirts or polka dots’ socks, why can’t the wheelchair join this group of “feel-good” items? In the case of a child, would she or he feel better with a chair that fits the room/clothes and overall style?

It’s a mix between product design, interior design and fashion design. Are you up for this challenge?  We sure hope so! If you need ideas, please contact us!